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Evolving Elegance - Purple 4-Piece Set

Evolving Elegance - Purple 4-Piece Set

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Featuring a unique rubber backdrop in a vibrant hue of purple, a collection of oversized gems in white links below the collar on a silver paperclip chain for a jaw-dropping statement. Features an adjustable clasp closure.  Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings.

 Developing Dignity - Purple Earring (P5ST-PRXX-029SG)

Featuring purple rubber-like frames, a glassy collection of white round, teardrop, hexagonal, and emerald-cut gems trickle from the ear for a shoulder-dusting fashion. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting. Sold as one pair of earrings.

 Transforming Taste - Purple Bracelet (P9ST-PRXX-045SG)

Featuring purple rubber frames, a glassy collection of white round, teardrop, and emerald-cut gems link around the wrist on an elastic stretchy band for a colorfully classic look. Stacked silver beads alternate between each frame, infusing the design with a touch of industrial sheen. Sold as one individual bracelet.

 Changing Class - Purple Ring (P4ST-PRXX-025XX)

 A vivid, faceted, white gem is pressed into the center of a hexagonal purple rubber-like frame, creating a powerful pop of color atop the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit.

Sold as one individual ring.

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